When a Client Leaves – Parting as Friends… or Getting Lawyers Involved… It Happens.

by | Apr 11, 2021 | All the Vibes

Today on All the Vibes, we are talking about a conversation that often happens behind closed doors. I want to share with you a conversation that many people don’t have around when a client leaves, cancels, or ask for a refund.

I do want to emphasize with this conversation that it is okay for clients to leave and cancel. It’s not okay for clients to be mean, rude or degrading, but that is a different conversation.


1:18:  It’s okay for clients to leave, but it’s not okay for clients to be mean.

2:16: Are you having this conversation with your mentor to be prepared.

2:52: I work with 2 types of clients and in a couple of capacities.

4:21: Client example and how to navigate when this happens.

12:05: Client example and how a lack mentality and success can cause clients to want to leave.

15:57: How taking it personally can cause trauma and how it can change the way you view your business.

17:45: Clients will leave in business and that’s okay.

19:15: How to handle when a client wants to leave.


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