Q&A (pt. 1) Being Intuitive, How I Started my Business, My Big Breakthrough

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Welcome back!! I am so excited to be back with you! You asked and here I am to dish the answers to the top 5 questions you asked.

This breakthrough is compounding to those I am still having, it’s in regard to really speaking my truth. I really started to recognize the shift back in February and I stepped back and let everything go.

I let go of everything.

Not only that, but I allowed my income to drop and have the space for what I needed. What happened was this break through of giving myself full permission to be me.

What came up was the lack of self-love, I had been ignoring what I really needed in the season. I started my business for myself my health.

It was when I went on vacation and I posted a photo of myself in a swimsuit and that confidence really showed up. I am here, and I am fully accepting of who I am and what came out of that was a deeper trust with my voice (spoken and unspoken).

I used to run my business and an intuitive and something that has always been with me. Furthermore, I have known forever that I am ‘sensitive’ and I realized throughout that I could control my experiences through what I was open to.

I started my business in 2017, when I realized that I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) work a full-time job because of my autoimmune disease. Its allowed me to create a business and a life of my dreams.


1. You’ve talked a lot about a big break through you had, what was it?
2. How did you know you were intuitive / psychic?
3. When did I start my business?

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