Fear of Failure and Fear of Success; Regal; Q&A Part 2

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Today we are talking about, fear of failure, fear of success, industry norm around luxury and how it can be harming, plus a surprise.

The polarity of fear of failure and fear of success, this comes from the question… How do I know if I have fear of failure or fear of success?

Chances are you probably have both.

Fear of failure is the energy of not putting in 110% effort into get started, its saying you are ready to take off the training wheels from your bike but never committing to taking them off. You are there, but you aren’t ready to jump in.

The most notable people in history have failed countless times. We are prone to failure. Fear of what if, is an internal struggle.

Fear of success is the energy of keeping going, it’s usually a mindset thing. Most times I see my clients struggle with the belief, not the action. Allow yourself to step back and see what it is that you want to create. When you take the time to step back and look at the big picture, you’ll see a true polarity.

Where you are afraid, is the middle, the in-between.

Imagine you are holding a rubber band. It’s going to stretch and stretch and all it wants to do it is snap back to the way the things were. But the power, movement and breaking the mold, cracking the code, whatever you want to call it – all the magic lives on the other side of that level.

When you feel that fear coming up, remember you are in control. If you really want to create what you say you want to create, you have to stay in the game. You can’t win if you aren’t playing.

Get yourself support. Recognize where the fear is coming from. Is it from getting started or not going the way you expected?

Now, let’s talk about luxury norms in branding in the industry – the idea if your brand doesn’t show this big celebrations like popping champagne, travel, a beautiful home it’s as if you are failing.

Recognize when you see this influence of luxury – this is done for marketing. It can cause conflict within ourselves of what we ‘should’ be. We get lost in what we ‘should‘ want, and we fall in alignment with what we truly desire.

Luxury is a marketing tactic. There is a lot more than goes on the behind the scene of this champagne lifestyle. You don’t have to live this lifestyle, and it’s so important that you get clear on your desires.

Your luxury life is what you desire it to be – it can be a yearly trip to Disney it doesn’t have to be first class, 2 weeks stay in the Maldives.

What does your luxury life look like?

I want you to get clear on this because maybe the reason you aren’t creating what you want is because it’s not what you truly want, it’s what someone else wants or what you think you should want.


REGAL – The Mastermind

What is regal? How can I apply? What are the details? Is this a right fit for me?

Regal is an ongoing Mastermind for those are ready to step into their next level.

The entire experience of being in business. This is for the woman who knows she was born and is here to create a really beautiful life.  She was born to wear a crown, proud and confidently, but she is human and needs support. You understand business, but you haven’t seen it the success you want.

I’m ready to apply




  1. Fear of failure.
  2. Fear of success.
  3. The industry norm around luxury and how it can be harming.
  4. Plus a surprise.

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