Trauma: Frozen in Time. Story & Conversation on Freedom, Release, Wealth and Happiness

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Today’s episode is a life-changing conversation. In our business and in our life we cause traumas on ourselves.

We also experience trauma in things people do to us, but that is a different conversation. We cause traumas on ourselves in our life and in our business, but we don’t consider it trauma we say it’s a bad mindset, a limiting belief, a block or all these things.

Harping on why things aren’t happening. If it was only my turn. I want want want. What you are doing is cause trauma to yourself?

There is going to be different moments in life shaped by our experiences. Something that hurts us or haunts us. It’s after this trauma that we are frozen in these moments.

It’s not only the extreme events that will cause this frozen feeling. One thing I can save you from is the self-inflected trauma around lack and scarcity.

When we come from this place of lack and scarcity, and we can feel that pull in the energy. And what do we do? We freeze, we get trapped in the moment.

I want to emphasize how powerful this moment is to push the button to freeze. It’s not just pushing the fear button or the freeze button, we pause our growth and hold on to things as if its never coming back.

Trapped in the present moment and this thought in our head – this would, could, should pattern.

You become weightless.

Personal story…2020 best year in my life and my business. Amazing milestones and moments. I recognize this shift in myself that I didn’t want to just focus on lead generation. I wanted more for my business and have a bigger impact. Likewise, I knew there was more for me, so I started shifting gears. Letting go of clients and income.

What happened was when I intentionally and unintentionally let things go, I froze. One of the hardest spaces to be in is recognizing you are doing it to yourself. I asked everyone in my circle what I am missing, what am I doing wrong, why?! If I am being completely honest, it was because I made it that way.

My lesson for you is this…when you feel something shifting, don’t freeze, don’t go into lack, shift to gratitude. When we stay in the moments reliving the memories the thing that happens we get stuck and never shift. We go through the actions and show up, but we aren’t going forward stopping us from creating the life we desire.

Don’t cause more harm. Work through the things there. Go to a counselor, journal, release, forgive yourself do what you need to do. Believe it’s possible, follow people who are doing that, so you see it’s possible.

Believe the evidence right in front of you. There is no limit to what you can create.

Give yourself some grace. Chose a better way. Put happiness first.

REGAL – The Mastermind

What is regal? How can I apply? What are the details? Is this a right fit for me?

Regal is an ongoing Mastermind for those are ready to step into their next level.

The entire experience of being in business. This is for the woman who knows she was born and is here to create a really beautiful life.  She was born to wear a crown, proud and confidently, but she is human and needs support. You understand business, but you haven’t seen it the success you want.

I’m ready to apply



  1. Fear of failure.
  2. Fear of success.
  3. The industry norm around luxury and how it can be harming.
  4. Plus a surprise.

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