The Quantum Shift: Full Embodiment Practice for Creating Your Dream Life… Today.

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We are talking all about manifestation, not this sexy conversation we have on social media. The real truth and the easiest way to quantum leap, the most aligned and effortless way to change your life.

My backstory. I live in New York. I’m 25. Not only that, but I’m newly married. 5 years ago, I honestly didn’t know what my life would like and certainly didn’t think it would look like this. I was in my deepest fears of my life, I had this fear that I needed to be someone else.

My autoimmune was gripping, I was on academic probation in college, I was in this downward spiral of getting kicked when you are already down. This is how I felt and how I carried myself, it was really heavy. I was in this really negative space and I had no idea what manifestation or alignment was.

Fast-forward to today, I’m 25, and I’ve worked 4 hours this week so far. It’s insane, but this is the life I’ve built myself.

Before I got to where I am today, I kept putting myself in these places where I was overworking and underpaid. Then, I made some shifts, and it has evolved to what is now my business. I decided I would no longer settle and society would no longer tell me how to live.

What people tell you about manifestation is that you sit in silence, you write your affirmations, you journal, you call in a guide and higher power. But the biggest shift I ever made was taking moments like when I was in the shower that I started picturing my life and receiving the life that I wanted.

You are the key and you always have been.

The quantum shift that has changed the game for me is experiencing all 5 sense of what it is that I want. You don’t only need to know why you want it, but you have to believe it’s already there. The more you can step into the feeling, the sounds, the smell, the environment, taste and step into the moment of what you desire – you’ll begin to see your life change.

You are rewiring your thoughts, and you are becoming that person because you are already experiencing the life. Creating a movie reel in your mind. You don’t have to do this for hours. The more you do it, it will become easier to put yourself into that space. The art of manifestation is doing what you need to do in order to be in that energy.

Give yourself multiple occasions to practice because you have more than one desire.

Do this the first thing when you wake up in the morning, give yourself 30 seconds to be in this energy. The first and last moments of your day are the most impressionable of your day. Put yourself in a role-play experiences with all 5 sense and go about your day.

When I started doing this myself is when things started to change, I was no longer regurgitating affirmation that someone wrote. Make your affirmations mean something to you, make your desires personal, it will change everything.

In your life you are the main character, without you there is no world. Take this energy, take the moment where you are the main character, and you are in control of creating your dream life and then feel it.

Feel the wealth, the abundance, the sunlight, how the croissant in Paris taste, or dipping your feet in the water. Imagine it as if you were there already. While you might not know what actually feels like to be there, start by educating yourself on what it’s like. It will feel so amazing.


REGAL – The Mastermind

What is regal? How can I apply? What are the details? Is this a right fit for me?

Regal is an ongoing Mastermind for those are ready to step into their next level.

The entire experience of being in business. This is for the woman who knows she was born and is here to create a really beautiful life.  She was born to wear a crown, proud and confidently, but she is human and needs support. You understand business, but you haven’t seen it the success you want.

I’m ready to apply



  1. My backstory.
  2. Learn about doing the unsexy work.
  3. What you can do to step into your dream life.
  4. 6 Figure Alignment Meditation

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