The Evolution: A Journey to Freedom 2.0

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The evolution of becoming the woman you were always meant to be. Really allowing yourself to fully step in, trusting the process and trusting what that really looks like for you on your journey.

As I’ve been shifting and evolving into this more feminine essence, it is so powerful to receive from other compliments that they are seeing it. The message here is that what I’ve been working on behind the scene is reflecting.

What is this shift?

The evolution that has transpired over the last 6 months is massive. I’m excited to share it with you.

Let’s start with a little bit of my journey with over 4 years of experiences in the industry, I found myself in a position that I was confused, but I jumped all in. Because I am the type of person that if I am in, I am all in.

This message I want to share with you is, recognizing the necessary shifts and take them.

Time and time again, I went after mentors who had the secrets or solved the problems. What I was doing was giving my power away to them. Last year I hired a mentor and when I did, I was looking for someone to solve my problems, someone to rescue my business because I was coming from a place of fear. I found myself in this place of scarcity. I started working in my business like a robot.

Now, as I have previously mentioned I let everything go, the clients, the process, the strategy and the income. I started shifting my messaging and branding. I really started focusing on behind the shifts who I really was.

Furthermore, I allowed myself to permission to not only witness what was going on in my business and what I was feeling, but where I was not in alignment. You evolve over the years in yourself, in your business, and you start to align and recognize what feels right for you.

The world won’t end if you don’t show up a certain way.

Start to recognize these moments, where is this frustration coming up? It’s much deeper than making money or having a certain car. What is not aligned, what is going wrong?


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When you give yourself permission to jump in and change the things that aren’t working, you are going to step into so much freedom.



  1. Evolution and shift of me and my business.
  2. How you can start to recognize these shifts and take action.
  3. Retiring of my top courses and how you can get in before they are gone.

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