In Conversation about Money, Happiness & Boundaries with Elley Mae

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On today’s episode of All the Vibes Podcast, we have a special guest, Elley Mae. I am so excited to sit down and talk with her all about money, happiness and boundaries. We are having a powerful conversation around the concept of working less and making more.


Working Less, Making More.

Elley: One of our core values is working less and making more. It makes me laugh sometimes, but also kind of makes me sad at the same time is when I see many a lot go into business to be their own boss, to create their freedom, to live the life that they desire and like make something for themselves and, you know, show up as their true selves and be paid really well for that. Because, you know, I think a lot people are very overworked and underpaid in day jobs, but then they get into business, and they recreate their day job. Like they start working, you know, nine to five, Monday to Friday, and they work for minimal wage. It’s like, hold on a minute, like, didn’t you go into business for the opposite of this.

Elley: I have found that it comes from conditioning of normal society. I think because people have gone from the nine to five, minimal wage, and they’ve been overworked and underpaid, and they’ve been hustling and hustling, and they never take time off. So, they create their business, they don’t realize, or they just don’t feel worthy of having all this extra time. It’s okay to do nothing, you’ve created that freedom for yourself. Don’t take it for granted, but soak it up. There is nothing better than being able to do whatever we want to do, whenever we want to do it, when we run our own business.

Maria: This is a conversation I’ve been having a lot with clients, as a business strategist and lifestyle mentor, there is this shift that clients go through from working with hustle and replacing their full-time job.

Maria: Its twofold – this side of if we aren’t hustling we are failing. One of the biggest shifts people have to go through is the adjustment from working so much to working less. To have more time to live instead of working. It causes people to step into the fear mindset of am I doing enough, is it working?! This energy of lack, fear of money – it may not be am I failing, but can’t I pay my bills? They are similar but different lack of energy. It’s so powerful for women to just be liberated from that and to be able to live your life. You didn’t start your business to work the same amount of time you did in your full-time job and to be miserable.

Elley: There is the conversation that working means we are worthy of success. At the surface consciously we are having conversations like this of course I want to make more money and work less but unconsciously below the surface it’s these fears. A big one that I found comes up a lot is we’re all taught that hustling equals money or hustling equals success or worthiness of success and worthiness of money.

Elley: So, this thought of working less and earning more is exciting to people, but on the flip side it’s a thought of is this possible? That’s why conversations like this are so important because it is possible. Then there is this realization that time doesn’t equal money. And that is a big deal for a lot of people. Time doesn’t equal money, and time doesn’t equal worthiness of receiving money.

Elley: I think as women, when we’re not giving and a lot of us have this deep need to give and to nurture and to help, but we sometimes don’t feel worthy of receiving if we aren’t giving. So, in a more tangible sense, if we’re not working, we don’t think we can sign a client. If we’re not on Instagram, we don’t think someone’s going to message us and want to buy from us. If we’re not, on an Instagram live or Facebook live or whatever, working in some way, even just sitting there with our laptop open that we can’t receive, and its this mentality that holds us back for so long. But when we let go of that, how much changes? We open up to so many more possibilities when we shift that thought.

Maria: There are so many benefits to working less. Freedom is what you make of it.


Money Talk.

Maria: There’s so much more to money. When you start working less and making more, educate yourself on how to use your money and have your money work for you. It’s not something that is commonly taught or educated to women. And I cannot emphasize enough how much listening to one 30 minute podcasts per week can change your education on what to do with your money. Take the time to educate yourself on what to do because the better educated you are, the more aligned you are with the money.

What does it mean for someone to feel into more than money?

Elley: In the business sense, I feel like it comes back to why we started up businesses in the first place. I started my business, so I could have total financial freedom, but also more than that.

Maria: One of the misnomers with the industry is that so many women only focus on money that that’s all they want. And the truth is there’s so much more to life than just going after a financial goal. Right?

Money doesn’t buy happiness, it buys you moments and experiences.

Maria: I have this practice of visualizing you are in a movie theater, and you are watching a scene of your life, the life you want. At that moment, it is never about crossing seven figures, or I have six figures in the bank. It’s I’m here at my beach house, watch the sunrise with my husband, my two dogs and a little one running around, that’s the moment. It’s not that money, but that money gives you that moment. You can have that moment and be working a full-time job. You can have that moment and barely scraping by in business. But the freedom that comes with the financial freedom and the time freedom is what makes that moment.

Elley: Sign your soulmate, dream clients but let’s do it with ease flow and alignment. Let’s actually create a business that you enjoy. So, you have the time freedom and the emotional freedom and all those other things. At the surface, its let’s help you make more money and work less. But below the surface, this is what we’re actually doing. The thing is at the top of people’s minds is the money, but what’s really going on underneath the surface. It’s all the other things.

Maria: It’s so much more than 20k months. Set the money goal and forget it. You don’t need to write an affirmation a thousand times. Don’t leave room for any doubt. And then spend your time focusing on the little things you want. What are the moments, the experiences, the sensation that you want to experience?



Elley: It’s so important to have boundaries. Boundaries with your family and boundaries with yourself. We all have people who are going to try to drag us down.

Maria: It’s not all hustle. What makes the rapid transformation in business is not hustle and grind or a fancy lead generation process. It’s being intentional, focusing on yourself and having hard conversations. It’s a lot of mindset work.

Elley: Awareness is the first to change. You have to have awareness of where you are at, it starts the process of healing or shifting.

Elley: Setting boundaries is one of the best things you can do for yourself, for your happiness, for your mental health, for your freedom, one of the best things that you can do. And secondly, understand that it actually serves those other people. So, when its client boundaries, we communicate by my schedule for when I do calls. We have these boundaries, and sometimes we don’t realize those boundaries serve the other people on the other end as well. It shows them what is possible for them.

Maria: There is also something to be said about temporary boundaries when it comes to people in your life, when you are starting your business, people aren’t going to get it. You get to decided who you let in and how you feel. You don’t have to share everything with everyone.




Elley is a business coach from Australia who helps female coaches to create $15k-20k months, sign their soulmate dream clients & achieve total time freedom with ease, flow and alignment.

After quitting the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship full-time, Elley went on to create a successful 6-figure business at just 24 years of age.

Elley is passionate about taking the path of least resistance (in her business & life) and helps women globally to stop hustling & start enjoying the massive financial and time freedom they started their businesses for in the first place.


You can find Elley here: WEBSITE or INSTAGRAM


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