Hiring a mentor? Watch out for these red flags…

by | Sep 14, 2021 | All the Vibes

We are having a juicy conversation about the red flags to watch for when hiring and investing in your business. With so many amazing mentors out, there are also those that miss the mark. So, let’s jump into what should you look for when investing in your business.


2:45: Red flag #1 If someone is convincing you to work with them.

5:31: Red flag #2 If they have no past client results and their branding doesn’t match their marketing.

12:00: Red flag #3 If the contract is giving your mentor a percentage of your sales or mentor is claiming your results.

17:24: Red flag #4 If your mentor is upselling you within days or weeks of your contract.

21:13: When you are looking to invest, or you’re ready to hire a new mentor.


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