Welcome to the Fast Lane to Freedom

Right now, you have a business and you’ve been trying so hard to make it work. 

Yearning to get past $5k months and into the big leagues. 

Trying to be know in your niche as an expert and have people know your name. 


You’re ready to be recognized for your work, for your time commitment, for you effort. 

But most importantly you’re ready to step into an overflow of abundance.

~ You want FREEDOM. ~

  • Freedom from stress.
  • Freedom from struggle.
  • Freedom for desperation.
  • Freedom from disappointment.
  • Freedom to live.
  • Freedom to live everyday exactly how you want.
  • Freedom to earn money while you eat, sleep, laugh and love.
  • Freedom to be present with your family.
  • Freedom to travel the world and the seven seas.
  • Freedom to take off a day, a week, a month.
  • Freedom to be free.

~ So… what now? ~

So here we are.
We’ve reached the max on frustrations.
We’re ready for that next level.
So what do we do next?

We seek support.
We seek help from an expert who helps others daily achieve their goal.
We seek help fully ready for change. Ready to do what ever it takes.
We seek it in the knowledge that we are worthy of freedom.

If you are ready to escape the current frustrations you are facing alone, ready to step into that next level freedom and beyond, this is for you.


It’s been weeks, maybe months of taking action for change.
You’ve been showing up, doing the work and following all the things from all your favorite people…
But, there is still a disconnect. Something is still off.

You’re sitting at $5k months, maybe less, maybe more but you’re stuck where you are.
You’ve been dying to reach that next milestone of $10k months and still you have not gotten there.
You’ve been doing it alone for so long and are beginning to believe it just may not be possible for you.

But you’re also thinking maybe it’s time to get into the Fast Lane to Freedom and shift for good.
To shift to $10k months and beyond.
To shift into that next level freedom.
To shift your life, your business for real.

I’ve worked with many women over the years, but one in particular always stands out.

~ Maybe you know her… ~

She’s driven. She’s a force to be reckoned with.
She’s bold and beautiful.
She’s full of light, but she has dark days.
She gets lost in the how instead of doing it.
She’s ready for the next level but not sure what to do.
She’s tired of depending on what ifs and is ready.
She’s going to do whatever it takes to get there.

She ready to go all in.

Is she you?

Your desires are here, waiting for you to do the scary thing…

~ To finally trust yourself. ~

This woman, I’ve worked with her many times. Sometimes she’s into fitness coaching, sometimes she’s a relationship mentor, sometimes a business coach or graphic designer.
She takes many shapes, sizes and colors. but the root of her is always the same.
She’s always ready for more.
Driven with a fire in her belly to succeed and life out her dream.

She’s ready for the Fast Lane. She’s ready for Freedom.

6 or 12 months.
3 calls per month.
daily messenger support.


Your mentor?

Maria Wik, me!, an international business ascension  strategist who helps women just like you scale, shift and massively up level in their businesses.

My clients – well, they range from graphic designers and business coaches to life coaches, from fitness coaches to love coaches. I work with all kinds of service based entrepreneurs who have THIS in common:

They seek the freedom they are worthy of with a fire burning so hot inside them that it is near impossible for them to fail.

If that is you, the time is now.
Press play.
Step into the light.
Claim your worth.
Let’s change your life.

~ Want to learn more? ~


Book your application call

~ Now, BREATHE ~

I know it can be hard to invest but I also know there is nothing as hard as life staying the same.
As your business continues to be stuck and your strength begins to decline.

I know it’s hard because I’ve lived it.
Lived in fear for years.
Afraid to invest at different points because what if.
The hardest question to ask yourself.

“what if…?”


What if it goes right?
What if you get on the Fast Lane to Freedom?
What if you walk through the next 9 months with me, your business and lifestyle coach, by your side?
What if you step into this journey and reach $20k months with ease?
What if you trust yourself?

If you’re ready for this, I am here for you.

Coach Maria

Apply here, Apply now.

~ Success without the hustle ~

Over the course of the program, I will lead an intimate group of women through incredible transformations, just like the one Rebecca tells you about in the video.

The growth, shifts, and breakthroughs in this program are fantastic. But more than that:

Business Expansion Mastery is also FUN — meaning I make sure you always feel Fulfilled, Uplifted and Nurtured as we work together.


I’m not here to teach you that it’ll take you 60-hour work weeks to build a profitable business.

Actually, quite the contrary. I’m here to teach you how to build a spacious, fully aligned business that allows you to work less so you can enjoy life and the fruits of your work.

Maria’s way of getting through to you is awesome – she connects and identifies with you so that you can see where you are now and where you could be! She helps you understand your needs!

~ N. M. ~

“I was going through a challenging time and felt she was completely present to me and my needs at the moment. Very quick at suggesting good business options. Enjoyed her trainings all the way through and always felt more motivated after my coaching sessions with her!”

~ V. M. ~

~ What my clients have to say ~

Maria helped me realize why I was so unhappy (and unsuccessful) in my business and guided me to find the path I was passionate about.

I took that insight and have now quit my job and am working for myself full-time doing something I love.

Not only are Maria’s insights so valuable, she goes above and beyond to work with you, wherever you’re at. I would 100% recommend her for anyone whos looking to start a business or take their current business to the next level!


“Best investment on myself I’ve ever done!

In my time working with Maria, I went from an exhausted, frustrated stay-at-home mother to an energetic woman of action and momentum!

I was antsy and unfocused and had all but given up on pursuing my dreams. But within just a few weeks, I felt empowered enough to start taking steps towards my own income, my own business, and my own goals.

I’m excited about life, excited to reach for the stars and even more excited to continue working with her!”


“Invest in a coach!

I finally took the leap with Maria Wik and I couldn’t be happier!

After just one call I already have 2 client calls scheduled and it hasn’t even been a week together!”