The Game Plan for 50K Cash Months

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I am so excited for today’s episode, these are the conversations I wish people were having with me when I first started my business. This week we are diving into foundations and helping you create a business game plan for your business whether you are wanting 5k or 50k. 


1:03 Introduction to Maria, if you are new to my world and a little about what to expect in this conversation. 

3:52 Affirmation: “I am capable of 50k months”

4:55 If your buyers are confused they aren’t going to buy, why is this? Getting clear on your offers and who you are talking to. 

14:20 The difference between a mastermind and a membership.

16:45 Affirmation “I am here now for a reason.”

17:30 Define creating ease in your business, and the difference between knowledge and energy. 

30:00 No fancy funnels here, I’m sharing a sneak peek at my simple formula for funnels and one big tip for technology. 

34:40 Creating your business game plan, roadmap and stepping stones to your first $50k month. 

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