How to Become a Comeback Queen

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This week’s episode is all about how you can become a comeback queen, and I’m sharing the 10 things I shifted to go from my lowest income months in years to my highest. It’s not about income, but refresh and rebirth of business. 

The more afraid, resistant, and hesitant the harder I worked.  – Maria


3:45: #1 I stopped caring and became unfiltered. 

6:17: #2 I stopped looking at my fears as evidence and instead looked as my fears and fuel to keep going. 

8:17: #3 I hired new mentors. 

9:55: #4 I stopped focusing on how limitless my potential was started focusing on one step ahead.

12:12: #5 I quit quitting.

15:59: #6 I released the belief that being different was bad.

20:33: #7 I stopped looking for approval outside of myself.

21:58: #8 I showed up for myself.

23:46: #9 I ditched every rule I had created around sales and instead focused on the ease.

33:33: #10 I stood in my own lane.

Bonus: #11& 12 Stop putting meaning on everything and SELL every day!

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