My name is Maria Wik


So you want to get to know me? Well, hello! My name is Maria Wik, I am a  Business Ascension Strategist, helping driven female entrepreneurs like you become 6-figure earners.

But when I started my business though, I had no idea what I was doing.

I was a full-time college student, working two part-time jobs, and in a long distance relationship. I had no time at all to even think about business, let alone start one… But I did it anyway. Just like I do everything else in my life, 100% or not at all.

Six weeks in, I left my first job. Then six weeks later, I left the second one after having matched  the entire income for the next 6 months! 

These wins felt great, but they came with a high price tag: the burnout was horrible! I was working from this terrible energy, and doing all the things yet getting little results.

The emotional roller-coaster was intense. The highs didn’t last long and often weren’t even worth it because the crashes were so bad.

I was so beat down from doing all the things and not seeing any results. From connecting with hundreds of leads and then connecting with none. From making thousands in one week and then nothing at all two months later.

And I hated having to explain it all to my family, to my partner, and most of all, to myself. I did all I could to manifest my dreams, I journaled my heart out to get clarity, I tried all the shiny marketing strategies… And still, I was stuck.

It was so discouraging that one day, I just stopped. I literally stopped it all. Not from a place of defeat, I wasn’t giving up. But I needed to find the right processes, the right systems, the ease and the flow.

I needed to connect with my intuition away from the pressure I placed on myself to be great.

After no more than two days, believe it or not, I had my answers.  I knew what my sparkle factor was. I knew the energy I bring to my work. I knew which systems would work for me. I knew I would reach my goals on my schedule because of one simple thing.

I stopped listening to everyone else.

Now adays you can find me, nose deep in a gluten free donut at my favorite coffee shop, online shopping and traveling the world. 


The truth is, my business has had many pivots, from a fitness influencer turned life coach… fast forward to today I am a 6 figure earner, international business and lifestyle coach and a soon to be Mrs!! 

And when people ask me how I did it, the answer is quite simple… 




I decided to seek the help I knew I needed, invested over $35k into my business in one year and thrived. My income went from $1k -> $8k in just weeks and then $8k to multiple 5 figures in just weeks. 


I rose to the occasion, I held nothing back. And now I’m living a full expression of my true self.

~ Resources for you ~

Resources for you


 Leadpages helps you get in business and stay in business online. No tech skills required!


One of my favorite everyday resources!! I used to hand schedule my calls, I used to use different services, but I must say Acuity is by far the easiest calendar program I have ever used! This is a MUST for a small business own! It has full calendar integrations – even to your phone! It does time zone calculations &&&&& (my favorite part) it also takes payment for calls and group classes!! (can you tell I’m obsessed??)


The #hashtagdealer is here! Hashtag Files Society is a one stop shop for all things instagram growth! From a full course to monthly unique stock photos to perfectly researched hashtags to help grow your page!

Amazon Storefront

Wondering what physical products and books I swear by in my life and business? Here ya go! All of my favorites!! From my ring light, to my favorite trendy earings… I’ve share it all with YOU!


Need a tool for taking payments? This is what I use, and I absolutely love them. Easy set up, AND landing pages! 

Soul CBD

I was riddled with anxiety, tired eyes and was a puddle of stress. And then one of my favorites, Angie Lee, started talking about CBD oil and its magical powers… well, it’s been a year and it’s safe to say i’m HOOKED. Running your own business can be scary and even overwhelming, I started taking this to take the edge off in a healthy sustainable way and it worked! Not only that but it alleviated my joint pain!

She Made It Happen! has officially been released!!

Thank you to all my family, my fiancè, and YOU for making this dream become my reality!! I'm so grateful for this life, and I can't imagine it being any other way!! LOVE YOUUU.

In the book, I spilled all the tea. I shared the truth behind my journey, but most importantly, I shared how I persisted even when all hope felt lost. And now we celebrate this amazing international corporation, multiple-5 figure months and multi-6 figure years... This was my journey to freedom.

~ Testimonials ~

V.M. ~

“I was going through a challenging time and felt she was completely present to me and my needs at the moment. Very quick at suggesting good business options. Enjoyed her trainings all the way through and always felt more motivated after my coaching sessions with her!”


E.H. ~

"Maria is personable, kind and wise in her coaching, and always challenges me to see the positive value in everything. She keeps me accountable for keeping my mind positive and encourages me in all areas of my life + biz. I love working with her and HIGHLY recommend."


N.M. ~

"Maria’s way of getting through to you is awesome - she connects and identifies with you so that you can see where you are now and where you could be! She helps you understand your needs! Thank you!!"


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