I wanted it to be easy…

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I wanted it to be easy…

I’d be lying if I told you it was easy to be an entrepreneur.

When I first launched my business I was going to school full time, working two other part time jobs and took every weekend off.  It was hard, and far from easy.

And it was completely worth it.


My business is easy because I chose it to be…

… but it wasn’t always that way.

I struggled, I made bad choices, had serious limiting beliefs and held myself back from so much.

I missed out on so many opportunities because I let my past story, of being in college and broke, define the choices I made in my business.


But guess what…

… that phase is over.

Q1 of 2018 was literally a dream, $25k in sales– and it ended with me in Paris.

I saw more success in my business when I not only stepped into my true purpose but when I started believing in myself the way I dreamed others would…

The biggest change happened when I decided it would. When I wanted it to be easy and fun. When I decided my clients would be little balls of joy who brought me up instead of down. When I decided to honor my business even in the hard times.


It won’t always be easy, and I know that.

Spring of 2018 wasn’t the easiest for me, because of school. But it will be fun and effortless, because of my business.

With having had piles of papers to write and books to read I was busy doing tasks that weren’t ‘align’ (and that SUCKED!) … but it’s what needed to be done.

This spring was a stepping stone, maybe a silly one that trips me up BUT something I must see through.


While my stepping stone was school, maybe yours is a full time job, or another commitment that takes up a bulk of your time and energy… I’m going to tell you a secret…

… it doesn’t mean you can’t run a bomb af business. It doesn’t mean that you can’t start a business now, actually, it means the opposite.


Leave the excuses at the login page, or at the door if you may, this is your life, your business…

Are you going to let it trip you up or propel you forward?

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I am Maria Wik, Intuitive Business Coach. I bring soul, strategy and wealth mindset  into the lives of female entrepreneurs who are ready to up-level their lives and businesses and step into their full potential.