Knowing your truth and letting it flow

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Knowing your truth and letting it flow

I want to take a moment to remind you all to stay true to yourself and your innocence.

A lot of my clients love to work with me because I bring my innocence and light heartedness back into their realm.

But truly, I’m much wiser than the number that defines my age.

Yes, I always have and always will love cats.

I always have been funny, a bit random and slightly squirrel brained.

There are some things that will never change no matter what struggles we my have been through.

We all have our griefs, we all have losses, and yes, they always hurt.

It’s OKAY to feel them, to feel the loss, but it’s not okay to lose yourself in the process.

Regardless of what you are dealing with in your life- death, debt, heartbreak, stress, divorce… etc, be sure not the lose the things that make you who you always have been.

Trust me, I’ve tried.

When I first launched my business I tried to be serious 100% of the time. I tried to put myself into a box and in doing so I started to lose touch with myself.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Sometimes it isn’t fun. But being yourself, loving the journey and honoring your past makes it all worth it.

As I’m about to head off to Paris on Wednesday I can’t help but remember who I am, where I’ve been… my entire story.

Massive shifts are coming but my innocence, love of cats and being easily distracted and things that never change nor do I want them too.

Be true to yourself, and guess what… the dream clients flowwwwwwwww. I’ve had to start turning people away!

Honestly, the ‘issues’ I just listed are things I have had people my entire life try to change.

Yes that includes my love for cats too- endlessly bullied. My distractedness used have instructors and coaches make me run laps and do push ups, why? Because my mind wasn’t where my feet where and that was “bad”. My head was in the clouds. …

Regardless of your story, the things that make you different make you special… in a freaking amazing way.

Quarter 1 for me truly blew me away, why? Because I started making money, heaps of money, by being my quirky self!

Just let it flow.


I am Maria Wik, Intuitive Business Coach. I bring soul, strategy and wealth mindset  into the lives of female entrepreneurs who are ready to up-level their lives and businesses and step into their full potential.